A few years ago we decided to have some real fun and raise some chickens.

We were seeking the eggs, meat and an avenue for our children to participate in the farming of their food.

So we purchased a couple of coops… and built some of our own.

While we are not able to free range our birds

we have done the next best thing possible

by mobilizing our coops with wheels,

chicken coop wheels.

By making the coops mobile,

we are able to provide the chickens with their natural diet and a cleaner place to live.

So we developed an easy way to move their coops; it is as close to free range as we can get them.

Chicken Coop Wheels

When you cannot actually free range them, it is necessary to move their coop.

A coop has to be pretty sturdy in order to be moved regularly
So we built a coop with wheels.
A coop that we could move easily.
And had our own micro organic chicken farm.

But after a couple of years, the wood in our coops began to rot.

Wood in contact with the ground rots.
This was frustrating, a lot of effort went into the movable coop.

We concluded that the coop must be protected by placing it on a sub-frame.

This was easy.
We chose aluminum.
The coop, homemade or purchased, can be preserved by setting it on an aluminum subframe.


Chicken Coop Skate and Wheels

The lift kit for the wheels could also be machined out of aluminum.

So the chicken coop wheels turned into a chicken coop dolly.

It is a very sturdy unit and it carries all the weight and stress associated with lifting and moving the coop!

The aluminum and stainless steel COOP SKATE.
So strong and durable … it might last a lifetime.

Chicken Tractor
Chicken Coop Tractor

We sell the Chicken Coop Skate in three units:

1. lift kit – because some need only that

2. hardware kit – because some need it

3. subframe – because some need it too.

is sold as a complete kit.
The basic skate is made with aluminum tubing and some stainless steel brackets and bolts.


The aluminum subframe keeps your beautiful coop off the wet ground and helps prevent it from rotting away!

Whether you are raising birds for eggs, meat, the super food of kings
or to help your children understand the cycle of life…
clean, fresh grass and the bugs on the ground is their natural diet.

Chicken Coop Skate Wheels makes it easy for you to move your hen house to fresh grass.
You can attach your coop to this skate and …
You can safely free range your chickens.


This coop to skate bracket is made from 16 gauge steel
CHICKEN COOP SKATE ™ lifts the coop and carries the weight.
It is a micro organic chicken farm.


Chicken Tractor
Chicken Coop Tractor

The tire is 13 inches in diameter and rated for 300 lbs.


Demonstration # 1

Demonstration # 2

Demonstration # 3

  • This is a custom manufactured product.
  • Every effort has been made to eliminate all sources for cuts and splinters.
  • The Chicken Coop Skate Kit installation is so simple that any competent DIY with some common tools can install it.
  • When installed properly it will enable mobility for coops of the size and weight as shown on this web page.
  • The metal in the kit is heavy duty.
  • The pneumatic tires are thirteen inches in diameter and rated for 300 lbs each.


*NEW* a coop skate made of aluminum.
No rust no rot.
Set your beautiful coop on the skate!.
Bigger and better tires too!.




First locate the coop’s center of gravity.
This is about one third of the length from the heavy end.
Next bolt or screw the CCW lifting lug to a solid place on the coop, or onto the pre-drilled area of the skate.
There are four counter sunk holes in each lug for this purpose.
They are drilled for 3/8″ allen head cap screws.
Eight, 2 ½”  stainless steel bolts, washers and lock nuts are provided for this purpose.

Attach the handle to the wheel axle.
Three washers are provided to space the wheel off of the handle.
This is to prevent the tire from rubbing on the handle.
Then tighten it in place with the two wheel axle nuts.

Attach the handle and tire/wheel assembly to the lifting lug with the stainless steel fulcrum bolt.
Make sure it is snug but leave it movable.
Then tighten the stainless steel set screw to hold it in place.
This prevents the fulcrum bolt from working itself loose.