You Have 1000 Reasons to Raise Chickens


When you find yourself ready to do it

Consider how much cleaner your garden will be

when you use a mobile coop.

Chicken Coop Wheels is a bolt on kit.

Simple and easy to install

It enables you to quickly mobilize your coop.


Wheels on chicken coop at rest

Wheels on chicken coop in lift position

Lifting Unit at RestAssembly with Wheel at Rest


It is made with industrial grade aluminum,

stainless and galvanized steel.

The basic lifting mechanism will probably last a lifetime.

We now have two wheel/tire options to help move your coop.

1. heavy duty agricultural grade steel tires, with bronze axle bushing and oil hole, lifetime rating

2. heavy duty agricultural grade stainless steel tires, with bronze axle bushing and oil hole, lifetime rating

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Simple and perfect for your application.

The kit will probably never fail.

The Best way is to mobilize your Coop

Transform Your Coop For a Cleaner More Wholesome Environment by Putting Your Birds on Fresh Grass Everyday

 Make Your Garden Even More Beautiful

and Get the benefits of having your own organic food.

Chicken Coop Wheels

is the right tool to help you tend your chickens

The art, the skill, the trial and the corrected error has been built into this simple and rugged bolt on unit.  It is the easiest, most practical and economic way to get the results you want.

Practically anyone with a few simple tools and a 3/8 drill can install it on most coops in very short order.

The lifting lug is machined from solid aluminum.  The attachment bracket is machined from heavy duty aluminum tubing. These pieces are mated together with stainless steel bolts and zinc plated lock nuts.  The big heavy duty galvanized steel lifting handles work on a stainless steel fulcrum.  And eight stainless steel bolts and zinc plated lock nuts are supplied to attached the unit to your coop.  The unit is optimized to fit onto a 2 x 6 base.
The pneumatic tires are 13 inches in diameter and are rated for 300 pounds each. These are the best tires of this type we have been able to find, but they do deteriorate after a couple of seasons… and must be replaced occasionally.
To solve the rubber tire deterioration issue,  we fabricated some steel and stainless wheels.  These are also thirteen inches in diameter and have a tread width of three inches.  They both have a heavy duty bronze bushing with an oil hole.  Realistically there is no weight limit for either of these in this application.

These units are built to give you many, many years of trouble free service.  Depending on your selection of tires, it may actually last a lifetime.

thus we have answered the question: How do I put wheels on my chicken coop?

Chicken Coop Wheels

When you cannot actually free range them, it is necessary to move their coop.

A coop has to be pretty sturdy in order to be moved regularly

So the chicken coop wheels turned into a chicken coop dolly.

It is a very sturdy unit and it carries all the weight and stress associated with lifting and moving the coop!


The aluminum subframe keeps your beautiful coop off the wet ground and helps prevent it from rotting away!

Whether you are raising birds for eggs, meat, the super food of kings
or to help your children understand the cycle of life…
clean, fresh grass and the bugs on the ground is their natural diet.

Chicken Coop Wheels makes it easy for you to move your hen house to fresh grass.
You can attach your coop to this skate and …
You can safely free range your chickens.


outside wheels

Demonstration # 1

Demonstration # 2

Demonstration # 3


  • This is a custom manufactured product.
  • Every effort has been made to eliminate all sources for cuts and splinters.
  • The Chicken Coop Skate Kit installation is so simple that any competent DIY with some common tools can install it.
  • When installed properly it will enable mobility for coops of the size and weight as shown on this web page.
  • The metal in the kit is heavy duty.
  • The pneumatic tires are thirteen inches in diameter and rated for 300 lbs each.



First locate the coop’s center of gravity.
This is about one third of the length from the heavy end.
This is where you want to put the wheels.

The area where the wheels are placed must be stiff in order to lift the coop.
Unless you are using the aluminum sub-frame / skate… you may have to reinforce your coop by putting a supporting board across the bottom of the coop between the two wheel mounting locations.  This is a function of the coop design.  If the coop is not stiff, it will not lift properly.

Use the lifting lug as the template for drilling the holes

.  There are six holes to be drilled for each lug.

Next bolt the CCW unit into place.  Twelve, 3/8″ x 2 ½”  stainless steel bolts, washers and zinc plated lock nuts are provided for this purpose.

Put the wheel axle bolt into the lifting handle as shown in the photo.

Attach the handle to the lifting lug with the stainless steel fulcrum bolt.  Handle is flush to the lifting lug.  Use one washer.  Make sure it is snug but leave it movable.  When you are sure that you have the handle in the correct position, as shown in the photo, use the allen wrench provided to tighten the stainless steel set screw to hold the fulcrum bolt in place.  This will keep it from backing off or tightening during use.

Finally, slip the wheel onto the axle.

Three washers are provided to space the wheel off of the handle, to prevent the tire from rubbing on the head of the fulcrum.

Use one washer and the two nuts to secure the wheel to the axle.

Now you are ready to lift and move your coop!

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