Why Chicken Coop Wheels?




“The chicken coop Wheels were amazing. There is no way I could have moved this coop without the wheels. I don’t know how much this coop weighs, but it is probably well over the weight limit for the wheels and the wheels still held up.”



Chicken Coop Wheels

The first time we tried to move the coop with the wheels we learned that the coop had to be pretty stiff and very sturdy in order to prevent it from flexing into a severe tow out when being lifted and moved.   We were able to stiffen our coop with a brace near the area where the wheel unit was attached.  This arrangement worked well for a while.


But as the years went by, two of the coops rotted out.  They rotted out … sitting there on the ground.   And those coops, built with so much love and attention were basically ruined.


So I got to thinking and finally came up with a way to move the coop without breaking it and a way to prevent it from rotting out.


lift_01The skate prevents the coops from rotting out from sitting on the ground.



The new steel chicken coop wheels provide a better experience, since they don’t deteriorate over time.

This shows that the coop needs to be braced at the bottom in order to prevent the frame from flexing and giving a toe-out situation.