Chicken Coop Steel Wheels Lift Kit


Chicken Coop Steel Wheels, coop mobilization kit

This coop wheel kit comes with two heavy duty steel wheels.

These wheels are fabricated with A36 industrial grade steel.

The axle bore is lined with a bronze bushing and has an oil hole.

These wheels are sturdy and will probably never fail due to the weight of the coop.

The diameter is 13 inches x 3 inches across the tread.

This unit has the same two very high quality solid aluminum lifting lugs, factory mounted onto the coop mounting plates.

All fasteners required to mount the assembly to your coop base consisting of a 2 x 6 are included.

Two heavy duty galvanized steel handles provide the leverage need to make the lift.

Two heavy duty stainless steel fulcrum bolts are also provided.  The lifting lugs have set screws to lock and hold the bolts into place.

Eight stainless steel mounting bolts with zinc plated nuts sized to fit the aluminum sub-frame (will work on a 2×6)

(Everything needed to mount it to your coop except the drill.)

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