Skate Hardware Kit


The kit consists of:

  • 4 corner brackets
  • 8 back plates
  • 24 nuts and bolts
  • 6 coop to skate Z brackets
  • 6 self tapping metal screws


The hardware kit is manufactured specifically to assemble the 2″ x 5″ rectangular aluminum tube skate.

The corner bracket is a laser cut, 10 to 12 gauge stainless steel, die formed piece.

The back plate is also laser cut, 10 to 12 gauge steel or stainless steel and it fits inside the tube perfectly.


We use a combination of 24 stainless steel and zinc plated nuts and bolts to give the assembly the best corrosion resistance for the lowest possible price. The miss match of stainless and zinc prevents welding that can occur with an all stainless steel nut and bolt assembly.


Six Z brackets, 16 gauge coated steel, with six self tapping screws for metal are also included. These are used to fasten the coop to the skate. They are made specifically for use with the 2 inch by 5 inch aluminum tube.