Why Chicken Coop Wheels?

I believe in the things I can touch with my hands.  And over the years I have often wondered what else I could do to help center my children and grandchildren with a solid foundation for long, healthy, happy lives.

Chicken Coop Wheels

A plot of ground out in the county was the obvious place to start.  There is not much social life but we can plant trees, raise a few chickens and drink from our own water well.  The big city and schools are not too far away and we can go there any time we want.

It was my wife’s idea to raise chickens;  first for good nutrition, second to demonstrate the link to the food.. and caring for the animals, the daily chores, teaches the children responsibility in a serious way.

It appears simple in the modern world; we eat every day and what we eat is probably the most important thing we do.  Certainly it has more to do with how we function than anything else.

My wife bought some coops and built some coops.  A little later she asked me to put wheels on them so that they could be moved easily.   The chickens like fresh grass.  To give me some ideas, she showed the youtube videos of what other people had done to mobilize their coops.  And before too long I came up with a bolt on unit to do just that.

The first time we tried to move the coop with the wheels we learned that the coop had to be pretty stiff and very sturdy in order to prevent it from flexing into a severe tow out when being lifted and moved.   We were able to stiffen our coop with a brace near the area where the wheel unit was attached.  This arrangement worked well for a while.


The tires were really too small, at ten inches in diameter.  And the rubber depreciated before the summer was over due to UV exposure.

So I changed the tires to a higher quality 13 inch, 300 pound model.  These made the coop easier to move and lasted a little longer.

But as the years went by, two of the coops rotted out.  They rotted out … sitting there on the ground.  This really struck me as a great shame because we really put a lot of diligent effort into building those coops.  And those coops, built with so much love and attention were basically ruined.


So I got to thinking and finally came up with a way to move the coop without breaking it and a way to prevent it from rotting out.



It seems too that I postponed my own mortality by preserving my works of art that I hope will help to center my children.